This program is set up for students who have reached to a high-level of academic study and decided to apply for the top-level universities in Canada. This class is suitable for both local students and international students. We provide a series of intensive training in this program,and are aiming to assist students to make an obvious progress in order to match the admission of the top-level universities. If you want to further your academic study in a well-known university around the world. Please join us in the elite class curriculum.


  • Grade 9~12 students
  • GPA 80% (within at least last 2 years).
  • IELTS 5.5+ or TOFEL 70%+or equal language level.
  • If students do not have the IELTS or TOFEL scores, they can attend our internal test. Those who can pass the internal test would get the admission from school.

Program Details

  • Price: $23000/year
  • Fast Track: Get 8 OSSD credits within 10 months (from September to next year June).
  • Students can choose three of the universities from the list as guaranteed universities.
  • NTHS guarantees students to get at least one offer from the guaranteed universities.
  • If students fail to get offers from the guaranteed universities, half of the tuition fees will be returned.

Ontario Top University